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Why Foreigners Love to Visit India


Tourists love to visit India because of its uniqueness, singularity, Specificity, Originality and Oneness, India is the place which is pleasing to the eye and mind especially through its beauty and charm, India has inherent force its magnetic quality is so pure, it’s so raw, India allures visitors by all Agreeable qualifications, always inviting their visitors to Loss in its enticing charm. India has its own attributes and characteristics which keep engaging the visitors.

Every year large number of tourists pay a visit to India, many airlines are offering Travel Discounts so that tourists can get minimum expenses in their flights, ’Tourism in India has affected its economy in a very great manner, tourism generates all the vast paths, opened up all the revenues, tourism has greatly affected the country's economy likewise prosperity too. Chances to develop infrastructure are like. Source of foreign exchange earnings are sound tourism boosts industrial revenues. Tourism has positive effects on the entire community at last.

Nature seeking places

India is The Heaven of Nature, India has God gifted natural sources remarkably highest Peaks, deep and dark forests, breathtaking cliffs and astonishing valleys, endless plains, here visitors seeks adventure: Saser Kangri, Saltoro Kangri, Kamet , Nanda Devi , and Kanchenjunga Are to highest summit of India and The Great Himalayas Mountain ranges is the world’s highest mountain range Major Himalaya mountain peaks are situated in the Karakoram ranges, Garhwal Himalaya and Kanchenjunga. Click here to find tour operator in udaipur have safe and memorable trip.

Coorg, bears coffee plantation it is surrounded by luscious villages having refreshing clean fresh and lively weather cascading waterfalls are richly heaven. Khajjiar, is full of Alluring green Meadows, deep and thick forests, snow capped mountains Khajjiar is complete and perfect scenario of beauty. Pithoragarh, blessed with a wide range of flora and fauna, , high altitude grasslands visitors enjoy hiking, fishing and skiing here. Plateau, and Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand are quite distinctive.

Historical places

India is popular for its monuments, architectural skills, landmarks, and antiquities each show: Trench, oceanic abyss of history of how all those emperors, kings how originative, facetious and creative they were, they left cues and indicators of tremendous arts, many monuments have been changed into large hotels, all the science behind the construction of the monuments, and architectural skills, of Indian historical places keeps visitors in caged some popular sites are:Taj Mahal, Red fort, Sheesh Mahal etc.


Many tourists visit India only to learn yoga because India has great temples and ashrams to offer, they teach yoga in a very pleasant and comfortable environment as they can turn you into yogi make you the teacher of yoga. Ashrams are made for Yoga, workouts, meditation training etc, visitors find true and eternal peace in Ashrams and temples by performing their spiritual activities some common ashrams and temples are Dharamshala and Manali in Himachal Pradesh. Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh.


Indian food is delicious, tasty meny food lovers specifically visit India in order to taste different varieties of food, their spices are rich in flavor, color and aroma, their recipes are liked world widely Indian people mostly cook their traditional spicy food, street corners, hotels and cafés are open for 24/7.


Indian culture and heritage is visible in their daily lives, their festivals reflect true image of traditions, every other place in India represents its own identification, culture, arts and architecture. Many artists in the world belong from India. in every aspect hasn’t forget its culture but it has promote it in every possible way.

At the End

India is most preferable place for tourists to visit; because of its variety of destinations, India has mixtures of cultural heritage, blends of curiosity these are all reasons which make visitors to visit India again and again.

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