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Plan a Northern Lights Holiday and Witness the Sky Explode into an Array of Colors

The Northern Lights is the name given to a natural phenomenon that splits the skies into beautiful colorful shades at night, making the sight incredible to watch. Scientifically known as the Aurora Borealis or just Aurora, northern lights are caused when a large stream of electrons travel from the sun toward the Earth in a magnetic field. After entering the atmosphere, they strike with particles in the air, which lights up the sky in different shades. The colors are basically due to the gases found in air.

Witnessing the Northern Lights is really an amazing experience, and you must have it if you have not as yet. There are many travel agencies that will help take you on a Northern Lights trip, and nothing much then will be left on your part. Alternatively, you can plan your own northern lights holidays whenever it is feasible and suitable for you. However, by going availing the services of a travel agency you get to visit the best sites and attractions for viewing the incredible natural wonder.


Northern lights can be seen at many spots around the world that are close to the poles. The best of these are probably Tromsø in Norway and Reykjavik in Iceland. The chances of witnessing Northern Lights are highest in these places, and so they are visited the most. Both of these are close to the Arctic Circle, and so the time span is also greater.

Other locations that you can visit are Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Scotland, Denmark and Canada.

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Trip Schedule

Northern lights are referred to as the ‘trick lady’ at times because you cannot always see them. They are most frequent in the period between autumn and spring, so Christmas holidays are probably the best time to plan a Northern Lights trip. Easter holidays are also a good time of the year, but then chances will be somewhat less.

Length of the Trip

Your trip should at least comprise of five days. Once again, the reason for this is that you cannot always see the Northern Lights, especially if the sky is cloudy. So if your trip is spread over a few days, then you will at least be able to see it on some of the nights. The most probable times are from around 11 pm to 2 am, but a delay of an hour or so is not unexpected.

Tour Attractions

On all those nights when you do not get to view the Northern Lights, you can still enjoy a couple of other attractions. If your booked hotel is close to the sea, you can enjoy a walk on the beach while waiting for the ‘tricky lady’ to turn up. Additionally, you can indulge yourself in snowmobile safaris, fishing at the Arctic Sea, skiing, hunting and dog sledding. At some locations, there are also exhibitions related to this natural phenomenon. You can visit one of these to gain more information on the Northern Lights.

General Guidelines

Try to reserve the whole of your evening and night to make the most of nature’s amazing spectacle. If you can afford to do so, do hire a guide because he’ll be of a lot of help. Also do not forget to bring your jackets and blazers because you have to spend the whole night outside in the chilly cold weather.

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The author Andy is an avid travelling fan and has been to many regions of the world in his spare time. He has experienced a northern Lights holidays, visited the location of the Midnight Sun, witnessed the Polar Lights, seen the Wonders of the World and enjoyed the best that nature has endowed to this Earth.

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