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Itinerary: Solo Trip to Kedarkantha in Himalayas


Kedarkantha is in Uttrakhand in the Himalayas within the Govind wildlife sanctuary it is an elevation of 12500ft. the trek to kedarkantha starts at sankri. From KedarKantha you are going to spot 13 peaks of Himalaya. The trail is full of adventure, sightseeing, making new friends and experiencing a whole new thing. green oak trees covered with snow and the land carpeted with snow gives such a strive to visit the place that one can not stop.

To reach kedarkantha you have to take a bus from Delhi to Dehradun from Dehradun you can take a bus to reach sankri bus timings are not fixed so you better check before leaving or you can take a cab to reach sankri and enjoy the most beautiful view that you would have ever seen. They took my heart away.ii have taken the shared cab and they were also going for the trek so I have found my companions, Also the advantage of the cab is that you can stop wherever you want so we took 2-3 pit stops in between due to which we got to know a lot of things about the place and people. To know the background of any place is to communicate with the locals they were so welcoming and nice.

We reached sankri after the 7-8hrs. Of journey. And rested in our hotels and I was so excited for the next day to begin the trek that I could hardly sleep properly but then we all slept. You can take a taxi from taxi service in udaipur for Kedarkantha Tour.

Sankri to Juda ka Talab

The next morning I was all pumped up and ready to begin the trail but keeping in the excitement we all listened to the instructions of the guide carefully and now we were ready to go. The trek begins with the tickling sensation in the stomach and happiness on the face. Our first campsite was Juda ka Talab which was 4km away. There was the tea point after a km. we all sipped some hot tea in the freezing cold and then headed towards the Juda ka Talab campsite.

Juda ka Talab to kedarkantha base camp

The campsite was no less than the dream it was surrounded by pine trees and frozen lake. We set our camps near the lake and got inside and gazing at the sky and the view.beautiful! We had some dinner and then slept. Next morning From Juda ka Talab we ascended towards the kedarkantha base camp it took us 3hrs to reach passing through by the beauty of humongous mountains, a carpet of snow and green trees in between white snow. the campsite was elegant.

Kedarkantha base camp to kedarkantha summit 12500ft-hargaon

It is not easy to come out of the tents in the freezing cold I know that feeling we all must have felt at once when in winters we need to step out of the cozy blanket but this situation was ten times more difficult than that. anyway, we stepped out and started our trail early in the morning to catch the sunrise. The journey was quite long and the air was becoming thin as we moved upwards. But finally we made it to the top of the kedarkantha and able to catch the sunrise. I was so happy that we could make it the sunrise was the best sunrise I have ever seen. standing on the top spreading your arms open and feeling the wind passing through the air I was enjoying that very moment. There was a temple of lord shiva and Parvati and Trishul fixed on the pile of stone. we can easily spot the peaks rupin range bura range and others.

After spending some time at the top we begin to descend back to our campsite. This time it was something different feeling hitting me. I just want to feel it and live in it. We descended back to sankri passing by the hargaon village.

On this trip, I have made lots of friends, learned new things and experienced a whole different feeling. I am so thankful that I took a decision to do a trek to kheerganga.

Every place has something to teach you and something to take from you and for me, that was love for the place.

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