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Beautiful Places to visit in Nepal for visit Nepal 2020

Nepal is a small Himalayan country with amazing landscapes. The geography of Nepal varies from the flat train of Terai all the way to high snow capped mountains on the earth. This beautiful country showcases some of the wonderful landscapes such as low hills covered in lush forests, ridges, gorges, rivers, waterfalls, meadows etc. in between. Nepal is guaranteed to provide some of the best options for the ones looking for peaceful places to spend time in visiting Nepal 2020. Here are some places you can consider if you are looking for some tranquil places.

Pokhara City

Pokhara is one of the best places to look after if you are looking for some serene and peaceful place in 2020. The city famously known as lake city, Pokhara is situated at the lap of Annapurna. Pokhara is the home of many beautiful lakes such as Phewa, Rupa, Begnas etc. The lakes surrounded by jungles, beautiful landscapes and mountains of Annapurna ranges are perfect retreat from the chaos of the cities. Apart from the lakes, there are many cultural, religious and natural sights such as Mahendra Cave. Bat Cave, Devi’s Falls, Bindhyabasini temple, World peace stupa etc. Sarangkot is the viewpoint near Pokhara which provides amazing views of the mountains of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri region. The view of the sunrise is one of the best things to experience in Pokhara. Take a taxi for your trip from best taxi service in udaipur.

Rara Lake

Rara lake is the pristine destination of western Nepal. This biggest freshwater of the country is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places. You have to trek for days to get to the destination but the effort is worth it. The lake is surrounded by the Rara National Park which is rich in flora and fauna. The park is the home of many rare and endangered species. More than 500 species of flowers, 20 species of mammals and 214 species of birds can be found here. You can go boating on the lake hike to nearby hills and spend some quality time there. Trip to rara is also a way to explore the authenticity of the rural and isolated villages of Nepal.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National is yet another beautiful place in Nepal to visit. The National Park is one of the UNESCO world heritage sights which is rich in flora and fauna. The tropical forests of the area accompanied by Narayani and rapti river is a beautiful and peaceful place to spend time in the lap of Nature. The park conserves many rare and endangered species such as One horned rhino, Royal Bengal, Gharial etc. It is also home of 68 species of mammals, 544 species of birds. You can enjoy kayaking, jungle safaris, elephant safari, nature walk etc here.

Annapurna Region

Annapurna region is one of the most famous destinations for trekking in Nepal. The beauty of the landscapes in this region is heavenly. There are many trials that lead to the different destinations of the region. While some of the trails are most famous in Nepal, few trails are less explored. Trekking to these reasons, full of beautiful vistas of mountains of Annapurna region, forests, rivers, waterfalls river valleys etc. can be one of the best experiences you can have. Trekking to this region lets you experience the beauty of Nepal at its best. Apart from that, it will also provide you the opportunities to explore the culture, tradition and lifestyle of the indigenous people who live in this region.

Barun Valley

Barun Valley is also one of the pristine destinations of Nepal which offers some of the best landscapes. The valley surrounded by snow-peaked mountains, hills covered in lush forests etc is no less than a paradise. This valley is situated near the base camp of Makalu. The combination of cascades, Georges, lush forests and colorful alpine forests makes this valley surreal. The colorful flowers are the best part of the valley. Some of the rate species of plants and animals can be found there. You can visit this valley while trekking to Makalu base camp.


Lumbini is the birth place of Gautam Buddha, which is situated in the Terai region of Nepal. This is now a UNESCO world heritage site with many historical, cultural and archeological monuments. The temple of Mayadevi, Ahsoka Pillar, monasteries made by different countries are here. It is a perfect place to spend some time in a peaceful environment while exploring these amazing monuments, history, culture and traditions associated with Buddhism. The lakes, forest, the monasteries, chants etc makes this place tranquil and beautiful. It takes 6/7 hours of bus ride from Kathmandu to reach Lumbini.

Gosainkunda Lake

Gosainkunda is one of the most beautiful and sacred lakes of Langtang region. The turquoise blue lake surrounded by high snow-capped mountains is an amazing place to visit. The lakes stays frozen for 6 months in a year. So the lake looks different with the seasons. Many devotees come here to visit this place each year. Apart from the religious significance, the beauty of the lake and the surrounding landscapes makes this place special. You can visit this lake while trekking to Langtang region. Many helicopter tours are also available to visit Gosaikunda these days.

Panch Pokhari

Paanch Pokhari is the group of 5 sacred lakes situated in Sindhupalchowk District. The lake system surrounded by Jugal Himal range is a spectacular place to visit. Yet it is still less explored area of Nepal despite being close to Kathmandu district. Hindu and Buddhist Pilgrims come to visit this place in Janaipurnima. During other times of the year only a few visitors come here. So, if you are looking for some peaceful places near Kathmandu, Panch Pokhari might be one of the best options to consider. Different trekking packages are available to visit Paanch Pokhari.

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